Thinking About Sending A Dick Pic? See This Chart First!


If you are considering sending a photograph of your manhood to someone, there is a simple way to check if it will be well received or not. First, however, there are these helpful words:

Unless we specifically get freaky and ASK you for a picture of your member, sending it to us will upset us on a number of levels. It may surprise you to learn that what often upsets us the most is the massive responsibility that you’ve thoughtlessly heaved onto the unsuspecting woman who’s now in a staring match with Mr. Cyclops.

Pray tell, O man, what is the response that you’re expecting?

Try to think with the big head for just a second. Okay, good.. now that the blood is flowing back into the area of your body that is (supposedly) where your seat of empathy lies, try to put yourself in the sweaty pumps of your potential partner. What in the FUCK is she supposed to say when you abruptly STOP talking and start just hanging out the one part of your body that you are the most emotionally fragile about? It is, at once, both the most disrespectful shortcut to her girlie parts that you could possibly take, and the greatest self-inflicted punishment a man could dream up, and you’ve left the determination between those two extremes solely at the discretion of the stunned woman who didn’t plan on talking to your dick today. If you’re sadist or a masochist, or you’re looking for a sadist or a masochist, then MAYBE this could be a really quick way of getting through a singles event. Even then, its kind of a dick move (pardon the pun). Again, I implore you to look at this from our perspective.

Prematurely exposing your most private of parts is interpreted by a woman as a “put out or get out” alert, and it usually comes at time that she’s just getting a tingle of sexual attraction to you. You’ve as good as told her that you’re not interested in getting to know her anymore and you’re not wasting another breath talking to her unless she takes a good look at your dick and says “yeah, I’ll just hop right on that”. Most women will not declare themselves ready for boarding just at the sight of dick, and if they do, there is something wrong with her. Either she’s got boundary issues that will manifest themselves into various degrees of psychosis in the near future, or she’s got other souvenirs to give you that you’re not going to want cluttering up your travel-bags later on.

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At first you think this is a joke, but then….


Funny, right? Well. Maybe. but also a thing that humans in the real world are doing…

Vaginal Botoxing is becoming a popular trend… In India at least…

The time has come when you can even give your nether region a ‘makeover’ for reasons other than health. And you don’t even have to fly to Hollywood to avail of such a procedure, your friendly neighbourhood cosmetic surgeon has just the tools, too. There! Now that we have your attention, here’s a little something you ought to know before you go in for such a procedure…

Why botox for your vagina 
According to gynoplasty surgeon Dr Sejal Desai, botox and dermal fillers are used on your vulva or vagina for:

– Cosmetic reasons (anti-aging; to prevent wrinkles and sagging of vulva).
– Enhancement of sexual pleasure (G-Spot enhancement)
– Treatment of disorders like vaginismus, painful intercourse and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

Who goes in for it
The demographic factors have a wide range. “For example, G-spot enhancement, painful intercourse and vaginismus are more common amongst young women from 18 to 35 years. Whereas for cosmetic reasons, it’s usually women between the age of 30 to 65 years. For SUI it’s usually women of 50 years and above. We see women from homemakers to professionals, but this is more common amongst working women,” explains Dr Desai.

Procedure and recovery 
Procedures depend upon the indication for use. However, larger volumes are usually required for vaginal and vulval indications. For procedures like G-Spot enhancement, cosmetic look of vulva, etc, are “lunch-time procedures”. However, when being treated for vaginismus, painful intercourse and SUI, hospital stay for a day is required. “The effects last for three months to two years depending on indication and the number of times done. Recovery is fast and painless, almost instantaneous in some cases and the desired effect is seen after 3 to 14 days,” adds Dr Desai.

How expensive? 
Depending on the procedure and the particular requirements of the client, such procedures cost in the range of `30,000 to `50,000.

Ann Coulter on The Doctors


Ann Coulter on The Doctors: Sex is the subject, also single mothers, birth control and sky rocketing teen pregnancy.

The reaction from the single mother was melodramatic with faux rage right out of the gate, but so was the reaction by the hosts who acted like she was going to pull out a gun in response to Coulters statement about a group the host belongs to.