Letterman: I had sex with employees. Audience: LOL


When David Letterman admitted to his audience that he had multiple affairs with young girls who worked for him, the audience laughed and applauded, leaving many to ask “wtf?”. The Late Night host had been caught in a blackmail attempt that he got prosecuted, but also forced him to admit the substance of the blackmailing was in fact true.

Letterman made repeated mentions of “creepy things” he had done as the audience laughed, being unaware of what they were or that in fact they actually were creepy, leading Letterman at one point to react by asking “well now why is that funny? thats – I mean…”.

Yahoo! News has learned from unnamed sources “close to” Lettermans show that the staff who does the audience prep for the show were not made aware of the situation prior to the taping.

Discussing the subject of who did and didn’t know beforehand, one source said, “Only the show’s producers knew what was about to go down,” adding that many “Late Show” staffers learned of the situation watching off-stage monitors in real time as Letterman weaved his tale. So the routine in which the audience was prepped, which usually involves a heavy emphasis on laughing and applauding often and loudly, was not altered in any way. Thus, the audience, meticulously prepped for a good time at a nationally televised comedy show, probably thought that Letterman’s story was a comedy bit, as is most often the case.

More from Yahoo News:

In the aftermath of Letterman’s revelations, many will be watching to see what his late night talk show host cohorts do in response. Normally, scandals involving famous people that are sexual in nature make for great late night comedy fodder, but will Conan, Leno, Kimmel and Fallon band together to protect a member of the exclusive club they’re in? Of that group, Jay Leno seems to be the most likely to make jokes about the situation, especially considering the past public feuds between the two, in addition to the frequent shots Letterman has taken at Leno and his new prime time show in recent weeks. And it’s probably safe to assume that Craig Ferguson will steer clear of Letterman sex jokes, seeing that his show follows Letterman’s on CBS and, most significantly, his show is produced by Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants.

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