Ann Coulter on The Doctors


Ann Coulter on The Doctors: Sex is the subject, also single mothers, birth control and sky rocketing teen pregnancy.

The reaction from the single mother was melodramatic with faux rage right out of the gate, but so was the reaction by the hosts who acted like she was going to pull out a gun in response to Coulters statement about a group the host belongs to.

Joy vs Ann on Waterboarding vs Abortion


If you support an action on another body remaining legal, should you be obligated to undergo that action yourself? Thus was the question comedian and co-host of The View, Joy Behar asked best selling author and conservative pundit Ann Coulter on CNN’s Larry King show while Behar was filling in as host.

Joy challenged Ann on her support for the practice known as “waterboarding” which is a harsh interrogation technique used by US forces on captured terrorists and Al Queda suspects which gives the target the sensation of drowning as water is poured onto their covered face at an angle. Ann fired back on Joys support for abortion, bringing Joy’s waterboarding question into a new light on the obligation a pro-choice advocate has in choosing the action for themselves.

The exchange went something like this:

Behar To Coulter: “You Support Waterboarding… Get Waterboarded!”
Coulter: “You Support Abortion… Abort yourself”