Diet or Do IT


Diets are no fun. You’re constantly denying yourself the things that you want and love; never knowing if you’re going to break or actually be able to stick it out. Not to mention, they don’t work long term because no matter how much weight you lose eating nothing but cabbage soups and shit, you’re going to gain it all back once you’re semi happy with your appearance and “reward” yourself with that cheeseburger you’ve been craving.

If you’re going to resort to your old ways once you’re done with a diet, it’s basically pointless to go on it in the first place. That’s why those who know better go for the “changing your lifestyle” thing rather than dieting. Regular exercise and making generally healthier choices in regards to what you put in your mouth is the only true way to go in order to achieve and keep the desired weight and figure. While that method is much more effective, it’s also much less fun than your average diet; mainly because diets end and a lifestyle keeps going, so it’s pretty much the same constrictions and restraints, times infinity.

If you’ve decided to lose weight, be prepared for your patience to be challenged.

  1. You can’t lose weight sitting on the couch.

Contrary to lots of infomercials out there, you have to actually work hard to lose weight. Strapping a vibrating belt on your belly while you Netflix and Chill with a bag of chips, isn’t going to make you skinny. Before you dial the number on the screen you should probably open the door. You let Common Sense out and forgot to let it back in.

  1. Pills are dangerous; some more than others.

It’s tempting to look for a quick fix instead of taking the long route of working out and generally eating better. You might even go online searching for a “healthier” supplement alternative to help you lose weight. Reality check – there isn’t one. Herbal or not, they’re all bad.

  1. Pills that suppress your appetite so that you don’t eat as much don’t fix anything in the long run. Your body is much smarter than you are – first it’s going to go into shock mode due to not receiving as much food as it’s used to; then immediately it’ll go into starvation mode during which the metabolism will slow down. Your body doesn’t want to use up all of its resources; you’re not feeding it as regularly as you used to so it’s basically scared because it doesn’t know when it’s going to get its next meal. So it enters survival mode causing your plan of losing weight by not eating as much to burst into flames seeing as how you’re not in standby mode with no actual progress in the weight loss department in the foreseeable future. Not to mention these types of pills are really bad for your heart, and that for one is a risk I’m not willing to take.
  2. Alternatively, you have the “healthier” pills that supposedly have no effect on your heart. They merely make you shit out everything you put in your body much faster and much more often – chalk it up to a minor inconvenience or acknowledge it as a major health risk? It’s basically bulimia with a different exit strategy but the same result. Your body isn’t retaining the fat but it’s also not retaining any nutrients which live in that fat. Instead of shedding the bad fat through exercise and a healthy eating plan, you’re shitting ALL the fat through your asshole.
  1. Just DO IT.

Just set your mind to it and do it. Eat smaller portions, more frequently throughout the day. Do that which you already know you should do but haven’t been able to. Believe it or not, there’s life after bread and sugar. I’m not saying it’s going to be an easy task; I’m saying the opposite. It’s going to be especially hard if your starting point is very far from your goal. Whether it’s general health or physical image or both, you probably won’t see results for a while. Immediate gratification isn’t something that goes hand in hand with starting a healthy lifestyle. This may make you feel discouraged in the beginning. You must ignore those feelings and just keep going. The results are hiding under layers of fat that you’ve acquired and it’s up to you to break up that fat, complete the challenge and get to those results safely.

It takes patience and dedication to properly lose the desired weight. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to a healthy living and a good looking body. There’s only hard work, dedication and discipline. The options are there. The choice is yours.