“Why do black guys like fat white girls?”


“Why do black men like fat white girls?”

It’s a stereotypical inquiry that’s been the source for comedic fodder time and time again. In fact, go ahead and type “Why do black men…” into Google right now. Nothing more and nothing less. You tell me what you see first. It’s a blanket statement – something to which I never gave much thought or credence; but when some memes start circulating on social networks, I can’t help but have a laugh at the ensuing comments and think about it myself:


Your friend is correct, sir… and honestly, it has to do with two bad character flaws meeting each other halfway:


Well, put! But why?

In general, fat white girls seem to be the “grateful” types. They’re just happy to be getting some love at all! They’re willing to please, go the extra mile, and not complain when their man comes back at 6 AM, reeking of Victoria’s Secret perfume, with lipstick on his drawers and glitter on his goods. Why would she put up with it? Because when your ass has an ass, you hate yourself, keep eating to make yourself feel better about that fact, and want to make damn sure your dude doesn’t leave you; I mean – who else is going to love you as much as the guy who claims “You look good girl; don’t go on a diet!” while he’s out fkkng skinny bitches on the side?

Contrarily, a hot fit chick of any color who figures she’s being done wrong, feels she can be demanding, rant about it, maybe key up his whip, etc. Why? Because if shit goes down and they split up, she knows she always has other options and someone is going to willingly put up with her BS for at least long enough to hit it a few times.


Now, if we want to turn it into a race thing, I’m going to go ahead and say it: Survey a ton (pardon the pun) of “plus size” black girls and plus size white girls on their self image. I can almost guarantee that you’ll find a staggeringly higher level of admitted self loathing among the corpulent Caucasians – to the point of no self respect when their lover’s being a dick to them.


I’ve been around and met a bunch of different humans of different ethnicities, nationalities, backgrounds, upbringings, etc. and in that time, I’d have to say that more of the black women I’ve known didn’t let their weight, appearance, etc. have as much of an impact on how they let others treat them, as your average self proclaimed fat or ugly white chick who hates herself because of her poor self image. And when a person is a woman and she’s African American and she speaks her mind about not being a doormat, a brand new stereotype is born against them, dubbed: “Angry Black Woman”.

Any confident women I’ve known “work with what they’ve got”; they take care of appearance (whether it’s hair, nails, makeup, or wardrobe), hold their heads up high, and -above all – if their partner’s personality flaws and wrongdoings are “irreconcilable”, being stepped on would never be an option.


So what about the guy? It takes two to tango, right?


It’s pretty simple.

Any well adjusted, confident (but not cocky) grown-ass-man looking for a serious relationship, wants a like minded chick who is also confident (without being egotistical, either). They unite, and that’s what we call a “power couple”. On the flip side, you’ve got the “predators” and the “victims” – pricks and the chicks they pick deliberately with no self esteem. It’s intentional for three reasons: It’s easy to keep a girl like that under his thumb, manipulating her makes him feel powerful, and finally (as the girl above so eloquently put it), “It’s pu$$y you can keep” – regardless of his bad behavior.

Let me be clear, though.

It comes in all shapes, sizes, races, and covers both genders. That’s right. I’ve talked about men thus far, but let’s not forget that it swings both ways. Lez-be-honest: Women do it too – whether it’s in homo or heterosexual dynamics. So, that kind of predatory perspective is not exclusive to black guys, nor do black men comprise the majority of men who have this outlook, which is pretty well defined by some lyrics from one of my favorite bands: “I gotta thing for the women that don’t love themselves…

When a racial disparity enters into it, however, people are just more likely to spotlight it.

Don’t believe me? Glance over the same-race couples you know. How many fit girls do you see with obese guys, versus fat girls with fit men? Sure, a big part of it is just that all men like to have “sure ass” waiting for them at the end of the day; but it’s also apparent that there are a lot of deviant men who get turned on when there’s an inverse relationship between the numbers on our scales and our amount of aplomb.