Was Obama right to skip Fox News?


As President Barack Obama goes on an unprecedented presidential blitz of media appearances, the White House is in a war of words with the network that did not get an interview: Fox.

Dana Perino, who served as White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, says the president risks “diluting the bully pulpit” by doing so many interviews in such a short period of time.

In talking to former CBS reporter Bernie Goldberg about President Obama’s Sunday morning rounds, with the exception of Fox News, Bill O’Reilly says that such a practice, especially if it’s “payback” for Fox TV foregoing to air Obama’s speeches in favor of network programming – is “immature.”

Patti Ann Browne’s Red Eye Intros


Tucked away, but hardly hidden (according to the ratings) at 3AM eastern (midnight on the west coast) is a news analysis and commentary show unlike any other you’ll find. The show, Red Eye, featuring guests from the entertainment industry and political scene who chat with the host and an always rotating cast of guest commentators with day jobs as comedians, magazine editors, columnists and bloggers airs on an unlikely source: not E! or Comedy Central, but on Fox News.

While Fox News opinion personalities are frequent guest commentators,  one of the most endearing and unique features of the show is the inclusion of the hard-newscasters invited to appear, giving us rare glimpses into the casual and quirky sides of the anchors who we would normally only see as straight-men and women during the day delivering news on world leaders, natural disasters and economic developments at the top of every hour.

One of these anchors is Patti Ann Browne, a Red Eye favorite who uses her news reading skills and charmed delivery by day to inform the world, but uses those talents for “evil” by night when invited on the late night shows panel. Here she is doing a newsbreak on 7/23/07:

When appearing on Red Eye however, the viewer is treated to Patti Ann’s humorous side as she delivers absurd intro’s, announcements and corrections for the late night comedy show. Watch the mashup below and just try not to bust a guy laughing…