Decoding the “catcall” (video)


These social decoding videos are nada new, but I got a giggle out of this one today:

What I like about these silly skits is that they get a sort of message across without being so serious.

(Well, that and how the dudes remind me of a Jamie Kennedy or Seth Green character).

Don’t get me wrong – I love seeing Hermione get up and talk about gender inequality and women’s rights and broomstick hockey polo as much as the next person. Even if I’m not actually listening, she’s still beautiful to watch with the sound on mute. I know, that may sound like same-sex objectification, but the thing is this: when you (or me or anyone) barrage people with a message (no matter how important it is) and deliver it in a painfully grave or even slightly Hollywood-sounding-overacted tone… we don’t wanna hear it.

It’s not just because we’re assholes.

I mean, we are, most of us. But that’s not why we avoid it. The real reason is we have so much of the rest of our day taken up with seriousness, business, phone calls, obligations, and refilling our hanging bags of intravenous espresso before choking our way through poison fumed traffic that by the time we have a free half hour to live – our bedraggled asses need a bit of levity.

Not some rally for your cause about saving endangered African termites.

So if you want to educate somebody or get them interested in a greater cause (be it environment, society, gender issues, whatever) during what few free moments we have at the day’s end, enlighten more of us by injecting some giggle worthy material into it. We’re only human. After a tiresome day, there’s gotta be a comedic kickstart that ignites the brain I’m a slave to, if there’s any hope of processing your gloomy message. Gimme motivation to hear you out.

With the clip above, it’s the blunt honesty wrapped in laughs that makes it so awesome.

(Works every time.)

I for one (love that expression – as if I’m clarifying that my clone living in Belarus definitely doesn’t share my feelings) don’t really mind catcalls enough for this video topic to apply to me that much. But it’s that underlying interaction-insecurity among the sexes that’s relateable for almost everyone, no matter whether it manifests as mouth noises or awkward finger wringing. A wolf-whistle is forgivable because I understand that homie’s just trying to impress his friends half the time (although it is cardio murder if it comes in the form of a honking horn while I’m jogging “damn you, serenity thieves!”).

It wouldn’t attract me, though.

However, if a dude actually came up and said any of the things in the video to me, I’d go from “Oh, you poor ego ridden lamb” to “Why, you sexy self actualized man!” Poking fun at ourselves goes a long way. I suppose that I dig it because it reminds me that I don’t have to take myself too seriously either. That’s such a relief – being around people like that and reflecting that attitude. Because then I am willing to start taking important things that exist outside of myself more seriously (like climate change and societal inequality and the sexes feeling slighted and all the other stuff I’m too tired to think about because the laughter’s wearing off) when I actually need to.

It’s a pretty simple formula to get your way – whatever it is you’re going for:

To raise awareness – tell the truth, but make people laugh while you’re doing it.

To drop panties – tell the truth, but make chicks laugh while you’re doing it.

Pssh, fine.

But joke’s on you. ’cause your accent wrapped honesty’s only turning me on…